Human body fitness management

Despite human development, sports also credit teamwork which promotes socialization while also appointing rules that need to be followed. Such plethora of regulations would undoubtedly help a person who’s suffering from the addiction of drugs by giving him a sense of predictability and consistency, thereby promoting physical and emotional safety. “Sports would not only work as a mechanism to fight off drug abuse but would also abate any further risks of getting back to drugs and using them as a source of pleasure,” says Alamgir, a resident of Dhaka.

It has become common today in the era of the internet to dismiss the importance of cooperation amongst one another to achieve goals, which is essential to eradicate drug usage, and is only prominent in sports. This is because discussions help us reveal our true selves and work our way out of darkness by building an insight to the harsh reality of drug abuse. But many resort to drugs due to low self-esteem and for constantly being subject to criticism. This is a severe cause for concern where developing sportsmanship has become a necessity. Through sports one learns to respect each other and not look down on anyone – even themselves.