Sports and drug which is better?

Hardly a day goes by without a news story on more youths falling prey to drug addiction. In recent months, appalling incidents of violence arising from illicit drug usage, have sparked public outrage and demands to tackle these horrific abuses. Everywhere, including in the upscale neighborhoods of Dhaka, youths are constantly turning to drugs to fight off depression, escape reality and relieve boredom. However, citizens now argue that sport is the perfect tool to mitigate drug abuse amongst the younger society which in turn would lead to better communal harmony.

As more land gets occupied to build properties for the increasing population, the availability of space to host sporting events and competitions has become questionable. Many believe that at the current rate at which land is being taken over to build industries, malls, and housing, the addiction for drugs amongst youths will become even more compound, resulting in an abysmal upsurge in the addiction for drugs.

“To battle this, the government needs to first examine things from a vantage point and then undertake projects aimed to provide youths with enough space to put their minds to something creative,” said Manik Mia, a resident of Gulshan. He also added, “if the youths keep getting addicted to such poisonous substances, I can only imagine a dark future for our nation as a whole.”